Jewelry care

Handle with care

Each piece of our silver and silver gold-plated jewelry requires special care. Due to the fact that jewelry is delicate and susceptible to damage, a good way to avoid damage is to take it off every time we take a shower, change clothes, clean, or use cosmetics or perfume. Jewelry can easily get caught on fabric, break or tear. After removing it, we recommend storing the jewelry in a dedicated box, this will prevent the silver from oxidizing and therefore blackening.

Maintenance of gold-plated and silver jewelry

Due to the fact that all good quality silver has a tendency to tarnish, it is necessary to ensure proper maintenance of our jewelry - we recommend regularly removing fingerprints or small signs of tarnishing with a clean cloth. To remove larger dirt, you can add a small amount of mild liquid soap to half a cup of warm water, soak the jewelry in the solution for 2-3 minutes, rinse with clean water and dry completely. If silver becomes tarnished, it is important to clean it with a suitable silver cleaning agent. It is best to choose cleaning products intended for this purpose, thus avoiding the risk of causing scratches by using unprofessional agents.